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Kingfishers EYFS and KS1: Display work

Welsh Birds of Prey Visit

Date: 1st Dec 2014 @ 3:29pm

On Friday 28th November the we had a visit from the Welsh Birds of Prey Centre. There were seven magnificent birds exhibited for us, including hawks, falcons and owls. We learned about their natural habitat, hunting skills, diet, weight and wing spans. The birds were very well behaved and some of us were able to handle the birds wearing a special falconary glove.  

Class 1 Vet Day

Date: 19th Nov 2014 @ 10:27am

Class 1 had an exciting vet day and were visited by a duck, a cat, a dog and some rabbits. We learned how to care for them and what they like to eat. We could dress up too.

Castle Theme Day

Date: 23rd Oct 2014 @ 5:57pm

On Thursday 23rd October,Class 1 had a Castle theme day. The children came to school dressed as Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and Knights. During the day they decorated 'Fairy Godmother' cakes for Cinderella. We all had fun!

Sports Day 2014

Date: 15th Jul 2014 @ 2:26pm

A good time was enjoyed by all at our Annual Sports Day. Having cancelled the previous two dates due to rain,  it was a case of third time lucky and we were able to complete the events just in time before the rain came again! All of the children competed with enthusiasm and displayed excellent sportsmanship.

Well done to you all!

Crowton Garden Fete and Opening of Butterfly Garden

Date: 15th Jul 2014 @ 12:39pm

Once again the Crowton Garden Fete proved to be a huge success , enjoyed by everyone who attended. The rain kept at bay and the sun shone brightly as the Revd. Gill Stanning was invited to officially open the fete.   Everyone gathered to see the retiring  Rose Queen and her retinue  complete their final duties and our new Rose Queen , Chloe Wakeford, accompanied by her  young Attendants was ceremoniously crowned.   The Rose Queen is traditionally the oldest and longest serving girl at Crowton School and her attendants are the youngest girls and boys in the school.

As is customary at the Fete The children of Crowton Primary School entertained the crowds with their medley of 'Songs from the Films'. The audience sang and clapped along as the children each took their turn to perform in the arena. And, to the delight of everyone, there were few surprise performances from the staff who appeared dressed as Chewbacca (Star Wars), the Seven Dwarves, Captain Hook and the Wicked Witch of the West!

Fun was had by all at the various stalls and activities taking place on the school field throughout the afternoon.


The fete this year was preceded by a special school and community event- the grand opening of the Butterfly Garden. The garden, a newly refurbished play area for the children, has been a project close to the hearts of the governors, staff and children of Crowton Primary School. It was inspired by, and is dedicated to a pupil of our school, Skye Higgins, who very sadly lost her fight against leukaemia last year, aged 5 years old . To mark the opening, the children of the school each released a balloon in her memory.


Class 1 Beach Theme Day

Date: 22nd Jun 2014 @ 7:49pm

On Thursday 19th June Class 1 had great fun while learning during a Beach Theme Day. They wrote postacrds, made windmills designed and drank smoothies and decorated cakes and biscuits, all in thier beach clothes. A very exciting day was had by all.

New Floor

Date: 18th Jun 2014 @ 7:36pm

In May 2014 the final stage of the development of the provision for class 1 was completed with the laying of a new outdoor floor. The camopy has been in place since Novemebr 2013 and has enabled the children to use the outdoors whatever the weather.

Blue Planet Visit

Date: 22nd May 2014 @ 7:00pm

On 22nd May Class 1 and Class 2 visited the Blue Planet at Chester. A very exciting time was had by all. We encountered a starfish and saw loads of amazing sights. We had lots of fun learning new things and discussing what we had learned. The tunnel was amazing.

Class 1 Animal Day Feb 2014

Date: 7th Feb 2014 @ 10:18am

Class 1 had a 'pow wow' and chose to learn about The Jungle. They had a day dressing up as animals and doing jungle animal related activities.

Design and Technology Day

Date: 17th Jan 2014 @ 10:07am

The whole school enjoyed a Design and Technology day on Monday 13th January. Mr Barber, a specialist D.T. teacher, came to school and provided workshops for all the children. The children made various objects using balsa wood and other materials to develop their skills and knowledge in design, structures and mechanisms. Their finished products were creative and fun.


Christmas Lego Village

Date: 16th Dec 2013 @ 2:13pm

On Monday 16th December all the children took part in a Christmas Lego Workshop. Collectively they were given the task of designing, planning and building a Christmas Village complete with lights, and a working railway line and funfair. The children relished the opportunity to showcase their designs and lego building skills. Their finished village was AMAZING!

Children Of The World Christmas 2013

Date: 9th Dec 2013 @ 3:27pm

Class 1 and 2 performed Children Of The world this Christmas for all thier families and friends.

Class 1 Canopy - November 2013

Date: 18th Nov 2013 @ 12:56pm

We are delighted that our canopy has now been installed. This will provide shelter from the elements in our Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 outdoor play area enabling the children access to outdoor provision all year round.

A huge thank you to every one who has supported our fund raising events for the provision of the canopy.

The photo's show before and after.

Dress up 24th Sept

Date: 24th Sep 2013 @ 12:04pm

Earlier this term Class 1 had a castle themed dressing up day. The children used their imagination and came to school dressed as kings, queens, princesses, knights, dragons, cooks, jesters and even ghosts! They then wrote about their chosen character. We had lots of fun!

Class 1 Zoo Trip

Date: 2nd Jul 2013 @ 9:59am

Class 1 had a wonderful day at Chester Zoo. We learned how to be Zoo Keepers. We really enjoyed seeing all the animals.

Story Workshop Friday 19th April

Date: 19th Apr 2013 @ 2:20pm

Simon James, an author visited our class and we created a story plan of our own and wrote a story.

Pushpanjali Dance Workshop

Date: 26th Mar 2013 @ 9:39am

We had a dance workshop with the Pushpanjali Indian Dance Company. We learned about how the dance tells a story using graceful hand gestures and facial expressions. The music was amazing.

Class 1's Classroom Displays

Date: 11th Mar 2013 @ 11:54am


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