Class 4 Woodland Walk

Lesson: Literacy

Class: Owls Class 4 Year: 2014 - 2015

Report By Beatrice, Year 5

On Friday 27th of February 2015, Class 4 went on a walk down to the woods at the end of Ainsworth Lane. We went for this walk because in Literacy we have been reading a book called 'Stolen Secrets' by Rachael Lindsay. When we went out we were looking for possible troll houses, or actual trolls. Sean ( a boy in our class) found a tree stump, which from a distance looked like an actual troll!

Trudging through the muddy, boggy path, some people got quite muddy, including me! As we were travelling through the woods a small, long fast-flowing river guided us through the endless tangle of branches and leaves. Peering around the woods,  our class pictured a scene where Finnr's nest hung suspended in the air.

A sweet chirping sound echoes through the forests, there were birds everywhere!

by Mrs Waring

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