Robins Class 1 2018 - 2019

Mrs Bramwell

WELCOME TO ROBINS (CLASS 1) - Reception (EYFS, FS2) and Year 1

Please scroll down to see what’s happening this week for Reception pupils and Year 1 pupils in Robins.

Mrs Bramwell is our class teacher and is supported by Mrs Newman, Mrs Leach or Mrs Gerrard at different times through the day.

In Class 1 we love to learn. Our calm, well equipped classroom and enclosed outdoor covered play area provide a secure learning environment. We have lots of fun learning together. Our classroom encourages our children to learn and explore, work actively and create and think critically.

We love to do exciting things. We like to sing, dance, dress-up, make things, create stories, use our imaginations  and play games. We like to go on school trips, go to church services and at Christmas we like to perform for you. Most of all we like doing all of these things by having fun together!

We are led by the children's interests. The highest level of involvement occurs in child initiated activity. The reception children can pursue their own interests supported by skilled staff with teachable moments. We develop their learning in the moment as well as planning next steps for each child. We maintain resources in the environment giving children open ended and imaginative opportunities to select what they want to learn and what they want to do in each area.

The EYFS adult team observe, interact and enhance the learning at each child’s level in every moment possible. In Year 1 the children receive more adult led formal lessons using the National Curriculum.

In RE we will be talking about The Christmas story.

Each Friday your child may bring a small toy from home (that fits in their red book bag) for our golden time session if they want to or they can just use schools toys.

Year 1 pupils Monday 10th and 17th December

English - listing things

Maths -   number words to 20

Phonics - oe au

Tricky words - said so have like

Well done on your amazing performance of Humph.

For year 1 children weekly home learning will be set, including 6 words to LCWC, given out on a Monday and to be returned on a Friday. 

Reception and Year 1 Parents - Please share your childs reading book at home with them daily and record any comments in their monkey record book.

PHONICS - To support you child as we begin phonics please have a look at the articulation of letters and sounds on you tube or any Mr Thorn does phonics sites. Please ask any EYFS adult in meet and greet if you want to check with us how we are saying the sounds.

Reception pupils Monday 10th and 17th  December

Please encourage your child to carry in their own bags and sort them independently in the morning these next few weeks. After Christmas we would like parents to say their goodbyes outside and the children to come in on their own. Messages can then be given to staff under the canopy.

Playing and exploring every day with adults interacting.

Small world -  The Nativity

Phonics - writing tricky words,  b l  letter shapes/sounds

tricky words - and the to 

Maths -  counting, recognising numbers to 20, playing dominoes

For Reception children we provide each child with a wow book (blue). Parents can record achievement out of school for their child which can then contribute to their Learning Journey book.

For Reception parents we also have optional parent home learning packs which you may borrow from school if you wish. Your child's learning journey is always available for you to view in our morning 'meet and greet' session for reception parents.

The following comments were made by children in Class 1:

"I want to come to school everyday"

"I am happy because I am at school"

We Achieve, we Believe , we Care.


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